Support Xmas wishes for elderly

Support Xmas wishes for elderly

Hello - my name is Elaina Jordan. Upon visiting my sister in a nursing home, I couldn't help noticing all the blank stares in people's eyes. I immediately seen that the elderly would be the forgotten generation. Alone, hopeless ... daily the same as the last. Most have long abadndoned their dreams. These lovely men and women no more wish for anything simply because they see no chance of getting it.

We're trying to raise money to grant wishes to some of these folks. A wish may be almost anything. Including -

- Dinner for just two at a 5-star restaurant
- Tickets to a professional ballgame
- A relaxing trip to a spa
- A Broadway musical

Perhaps someone hasn't seen their brother or sister in years. We Guardian Angel should bring them together for a joyful reunion.

Angel charm for you -

Let's all pitch in and help put smiles on many of these sad faces for the holidays (and perhaps beyond). Anything helps and I'll keep you updated as we move forward. As a special thanks, I'll send you among my auto-mirror Guardian Angel charms (please see below). I made them as a memory that there are angels among us (you!).

Many thanks.

NOTE: Funds is going to be used to launch
The Angel Wish Project and to cover
costs of granting wishes.

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